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Glass scratch repair & stain removal

A breakthrough glass scratch removal service to polish glass for an ‘as new’ finish.

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Remove scratches from glass with EnduroShield glass scratch removal

The EnduroShield® glass scratch removal service professionally removes scratches from glass. We offer a reliable and cost effective glass scratch removal and glass polish service for both internal and external glass. One of the major drawbacks of glass is that it can be easily scratched or stained, especially during fabrication, installation and cleaning. The EnduroShield glass polish service can effectively remove virtually all depths of scratches and stains from a variety of glass types at a fraction of the cost of replacement, and is supported by a high level of technical knowledge and experience.

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“Just wanted to express my thanks at the wonderful job that Scott did in repairing my damaged pool fence. The result is perfect, and the glass panels are as good as new. I found Scott extremely professional, polite and very competent, and it was a pleasure to have met him as a representative of your company. Without your help I think I would have paid thousands of dollars to remove and replace glass that had been fixed into welded frames.” Colin, Sydney

Glass scratch repair for all types of damage

◊ Vandalism & graffiti scratches

◊ Scratches & cement slurry during construction

◊ Limescale & hardwater staining

◊ Scratches caused by pets

◊ Stains & scratches caused by chemicals or cleaning

◊ Suitable for a range of repair jobs on both internal and external glass

We restore a variety of glass surfaces

        ◊ Shop fronts       ◊ Glass facades
        ◊ Glass display counters       ◊  Bus shelters
        ◊ Windows & doors       ◊ Shower screens
        ◊ Glass railings       ◊ Mirrors


The EnduroShield Restoration System has been extensively tested for use on all types of commercial and residential glass, including tempered and laminated.

Scratch removal

A large amount of glass is wasted before it even reaches installation stage as a result of scratching during fabrication and transport. This glass is unusable and is unnecessarily thrown away, costing the glass industry in wastage and time. Furthermore, replacing scratched glass once installed can be a very expensive and sometimes impractical solution. A much more affordable solution is to remove the scratches quickly and effectively by calling on the EnduroShield glass scratch removal service. Scratches are removed in-situ by our certified restorers at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

glass scratch removal - EnduroShield
polish glass - EnduroShield

Polish glass to remove stains

Glass surfaces such as shower screens and glass pool fencing are constantly exposed to harsh conditions that can cause damage to the glass. Hard water, soaps, shampoos, lime scale, dirt, chemicals, salt and grime can all lead to staining and etching of the glass surface which cannot be removed with general household cleaners. EnduroShield offers an affordable, professional service to polish glass and remove scratches and stains efficiently onsite. Glass is restored back to a near new finish with amazing results, saving time, effort and money on replacement. Surfaces can then also be coated with the EnduroShield easy clean glass treatment to prevent staining from reoccurring.



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