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BHP Billiton Tower – Australia

The BHP Billiton Office Tower, known as Brookfield Place, is 234 metres tall and the largest commercial building in Perth, Western Australia, with a total of 86,000 square metres of premium quality A-Grade commercial space across 45 levels. During the construction process, as many as 23 glass panels were damaged by grinder sparks from the fabrication of stainless steel pylons. The 4.5 by 1.8 metre custom-built double glazed units were severely pitted as a result. In addition to the grinder marks, there were a number of glass panels that had also been scratched during installation. The damaged glass had to either be replaced or restored.

The cost to change the glass would have been upwards of $240,000 and just 4 weeks before handover it also meant that replacing the glass was going to miss the deadline as the custom-made glass had to be brought in from overseas. The EnduroShield Glass Scratch Removal System was chosen to repair the glass following a successful demonstration by EnduroShield WA, and their high level of technical knowledge and experience in the restoration of glass. The glass restoration was completed over a number of months and frequently after office hours to fit in with building maintenance schedules. During the restoration project, a total of 124 scratches were removed from 23 large glass panels over 180 hours.

“There was no mess and the glass restoration project was professionally done, we were able to hand over to BHP Billiton at the scheduled time.” Construction Manager Kevin Will

One of the major drawbacks of glass is that it can be easily damaged or scratched in factory or during installation. The EnduroShield Scratch Removal System has been developed and extensively tested to remove scratches from both internal and external types of glass including tempered and laminated. EnduroShield Restorers have been fully trained and certified in the scratch removal process and can provide onsite advice on all aspects of scratch removal.


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