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Boat detailing for glass & stainless steel made easy

boat detailing - EnduroShield

Repels salt water and dirt

Boat detailing for glass and stainless steel surfaces is an ongoing and time demanding task. Maintenance can prove difficult due to the constant exposure to sea salt and contaminants. Microscopically, glass and stainless steel surfaces have hills and valleys that trap sea salt and dirt deposits. Over time these deposits can cause staining and etching, making cleaning progressively more frequent and difficult. Treating marine surfaces with EnduroShield® helps to reduce staining and repel water, improving forward visibility in wet conditions.

Exceptional benefits

◊ Repels water, oil & dirt

◊ Significantly reduces cleaning time

◊ Superior protection against staining and etching from salt water

◊ Reduces response time in wet conditions

◊ Suitable for new & existing glass & stainless steel surfaces

◊ UV stable & eco friendly

boat detailing - EnduroShield stainless steel

Glass surfaces

Sea salt is easily trapped in the microscopic hills and valleys of glass surfaces. Add moisture and these deposits can soak into the glass reducing visibility. Cleaning is made difficult and boat detailing may be required to restore clarity. EnduroShield uses state-of-the-art nanotechnology to transform glass into a high performance, ultra-long lasting water repellent surface. This non-stick invisible coating turns water into small beads which are easily swept away by wind, ensuring dramatically clearer vision in wet conditions. EnduroShield allows easy removal of dirt, bugs and bird droppings.

boat detailing - EnduroShield
boat detailing - EnduroShield

Stainless steel surfaces

Stainless steel surfaces on boats are exposed to the harsh corrosive effects of salt water. Corrosion, tea staining and even rust can form as a result of constant exposure in salt water environments. Many acidic cleaners that are used to treat corrosion that develops on stainless steel can actually accelerate and increase the return rate. EnduroShield will eliminate the need to use those cleaners, and dramatically slow the corrosion process. EnduroShield can be purchased as an optional extra on your surfaces directly from the boat manufacturer or applied by our professional after market applicators.



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